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Tony Moly I'm Real Makgeolli Sheet Mask Review

Today, I will be reviewing the Tony Moly I'm Real Skin Purifying Makgeolli Sheet Mask; this is the first ever product I have tried from the Korean brand.

Alongside the mask that I will be reviewing today, I also purchased three others from the I'm Real sheet mask series; these include:
- I'm Real Skin Purifying Seaweed Sheet Mask
- I'm Real Radiance Tomato Sheet Mask
- I'm Real Vitality Broccoli Sheet Mask

I purchased the Tony Moly sheet masks from TK Maxx; I highly recommend TK Maxx if you're on the lookout for products from top brands without the hefty price tag. As well as TK Maxx, the Tony Moly sheet masks are available from many retailers including Ulta, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and AsianBeautyPlus.

Tony Moly I'm Real Makgeolli Sheet Mask - £1.29
The sheet mask claims to make "uneven skin tone look radiant and glowing". The "skin-purifying" sheet mask contains a variety of ingredients including mineral oil, allantoin and, of course, makgeolli (makgeolli is a Korean alcoholic beverage).

When I took the sheet mask out of the (extremely cute and photogenic) packaging, I noticed an interesting scent; to some, the distinct smell of the sheet mask may be off-putting however, I was able to look past that and use the sheet mask with ease and comfort. When applied, the mask felt refreshing on my skin. In addition, the sheet mask covered my face easily and the mask adhered to my skin well.

The sheet mask is advised to be left on the face for around 20-30 minutes - I left it on my face for exactly 30 minutes, before I gently peeled it off and lightly massaged the excess 'essence'/product into my skin as instructed. The sheet mask advises you to lightly 'tap' any excess product into your skin for better absorption.

Afterwards, my skin felt moisturized/hydrated; the redness on my face had dramatically reduced and overall, my skin looked illuminated and healthy. In conclusion, I would re-purchase this sheet mask as it evened out my skin tone and the mask's effect lasted a long time.

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